Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Ottawa REDBLACKS Signs Former Ticat Receiver Chris Williams?

Judging by the Twitter feed of the Ottawa REDBLACKS, they've signed former Ticat receiver Chris Williams. Williams you recall went to the NFL after an acrimonious contract dispute with the Ticats, where Williams claimed he wasn't offered a minimum duration contract. Williams was able to go to the NFL after a legal decision, however the Ticats retained his CFL rights for 2013 and 2014. Williams was on the roster of the Saints and Bears.

This is an interesting signing by Ottawa. Williams had 1,298 yards receiving and 16 TDs in 2012 for the Cats. They've already significantly boosted their receiving corps, including the signing of former Ticat receiver, Greg Ellingson and Calgary's Brad Sinopoli. Plus Williams has played with former Ticat quarterback and current Ottawa quarterback Henry Burris, so there's some chemistry there. Plus Williams is an excellent kick and punt returner (1,117 yards in 2012).

I'm impressed. Even if all of Ottawa's receiver signings don't pan out, some of them will at least. I'm thinking of moving Ottawa up in my power rankings.

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