Thursday, May 28, 2015

CHML Loses Ticat Rights to Bell TSN Radio 1150, End of the Fifth Quarter

News today that Bell is rebranding the old AM CKOC 1150 station to its TSN all sports brand with the centerpiece being the broadcast rights to the Ticats.

Obviously this is a blow for CHML (a Corus channel) which has carried and supported the Ticats for decades. I feel bad for Rick Zamperin and the rest of the CHML staff associated with the broadcasts. That includes Ted Michaels and the Fifth Quarter after the games. I'm guessing TSN 1150 will have their own after game show with a different name. One benefit for the Cats is that the after game show may well go on longer. Sometimes the Fifth Quarter seemed a bit truncated and there were times where I would have kept listening but CHML switched to some old radio serial. Hopefully now we will get several hours of after game coverage.

I'm wondering how easy it will be for the station to fill time. I would guess that there will end up being some rebroadcasting of TSN's Toronto radio station signal. However likely coverage of other Hamilton teams like the OHL's Bulldogs will be a big part of the station.


M@ said...

It's a shame for sure. Although would it be possible for CHML to still broadcast the Fifth Quarter? I guess it wouldn't make sense but if drunk guys from Grimsby are still going to call in to demand Bob Young be fired, I'm still gonna listen.

Jorge said...

I think unfortunately it is over for the Fifth Quarter. Hopefully drunk guys from Grimsby will call in to the new show.