Saturday, May 30, 2015

Incredibly Slow Concession Service at Canada England Women's Soccer Friendly at Tim Horton's Field

Attended the Canada England friendly last night at Tim Horton's Field, which was enjoyable and packed, and fortunately Canada won with the quintessential 1-0 soccer score.

One bad thing was the epically slow concession service. I realize this is the first game of the year, but if that happened during a Ticat game, people will be upset. In their defence though, the attendance was heavily tilted towards tween and teen girls so their concession orders were heavily favoured towards slow food orders rather than quick beer orders.

It didn't seem like the stands were understaffed, they just seemed really slow.

I'll be curious to see what service is like for the first pre-season game for the Ticats. The first regular season home game isn't until August, so hopefully things will be ironed out by then. 

I was able to get beer pretty easily from the staff roaming the seats selling beer so at least that was OK. Not a big fan of the 50 cent jump in price for a tall boy to $9.50 though. That's a 5.6% increase which is certainly more than Ontario's inflation rate. 

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