Thursday, August 6, 2015

2015 CFL Week 7 Picks

Edmonton at BC
The Eskimos are missing their starting quarterback and the Lions have theirs. Strangely though the team without their starter has been doing way better. That's mostly because the Eskimos have an awesome defence. It is also partly because BC quarterback Travis Lulay hasn't done much lately. However I think that the Eskimos have to lose occasionally and I'll pick BC at home.
Lions 28 Eskimos 27

Montreal at Ottawa
This is a hard one. Is Rakeem Cato for real? Is Henry Burris too old? I'm not really sure, but I do know the REDBLACKS are at home and have an excellent receiving corps, including Chris Williams. That's enough for me.
REDBLACKS 27 Alouettes 22

Saskatchewan at Toronto
The Riders have been sucking all regular season and now backup quarterback turned starter Kevin Glenn is on the injured list and the Argos have Trevor Harris. The Argos didn't look good in Hamilton on Monday, but the Roughriders aren't the Ticats at home by any stretch. More tears in Regina.
Argonauts 33 Roughrider 17

Winnipeg at Hamilton
The Bombers have done well with Drew Willy healthy and been demolished when he gets hurt. Last time these two teams met in the Peg, Hamilton injured Willy, then proceeded to annihilate the Bombers. While there's no guarantee that the Ticats will injure Willy again (but it is certainly possible) the Cats are really good at Tim Horton's Field. Unfortunately the Cats will be missing CJ Gable and Andy Fantuz from the offense, but they have enough talent and the special teams talent to win this game.
Tiger-Cats 31 Blue Bombers 21


Anonymous said...

Chris Williams is not playing for Ottawa this weekend - injured

Jorge said...

Did not know that. Oh well picks have been made.