Thursday, August 13, 2015

Should the Tiger-Cats Start Anthony Woodson Over Ray Holley?

With Andy Fantuz and CJ Gable injured and out for some time, the Cats have to find a way of replacing them and being mindful of the ratio. Last game the Cats used import Ray Holley at running back for Gable and non-import Matt Coates at receiver for Andy Fantuz, keeping their import non-import ratio the same for these two positions.

Holley hasn't really done much when he's played at running back, gaining 112 yards on 28 attempts for a 4.0 yard per carry average. Admittedly the Cats mostly passed when Holley was playing. Woodson has gained 61 yards so far in 2015 on 11 carries for a 5.5 yard average, a lot of that after Gable was injured early in a game. If the Cats aren't going to run much if Gable isn't in, I don't see why the Cats don't start Woodson at running back over Holley. Holley doesn't seem that much better than Woodson and Woodson is a non-import. If the Cats start Woodson, they could start another import receiver over Matt Coates who hasn't caught a pass yet in 2015 and balance the ratio. Underwood or Sinkfield could come in place of Coates.

The one issue is that the Cats would need another Canadian running back to back up Woodson and play special teams.

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