Saturday, September 5, 2015

2015 CFL Predictions Week 11

Looks like I missed the Thursday game, as I thought there would be a Friday game.

Winnipeg at Saskatchewan
Ass versus ass. The bottom of the CFL barrel. The Riders have cleaned house, but obviously they still suck. Winnipeg isn't good either. Will the Bombers send their prairie rivals to 0 and 10? Since they are starting Brian Brohm at quarterback, which isn't very good, I'm not sure. Even though the Riders are at home, they've shown incredible ability to lose close games. So Brohm and the Bombers.
Blue Bombers 20 Riders 18

Toronto at Hamilton
Hamilton has a lot of injuries. Losing Norwood and Sears to the six game injury list definitely hurts the defence. The Cats are still missing Fantuz. Others may well be injured, but the Cats haven't released their lineup cards yet so I'm not sure of the composition of their offensive line. Both teams are coming off of losses. I think the Cats still have a bit of an edge due to Tim Horton's Field (although that didn't help last week).
Tiger-Cats 26 Argonauts 22

Edmonton at Calgary
The Eskimos traded Nichols to Winnipeg and will go with Franklin at quarterback. On the road and against a now experienced Bo Levi Mitchell, the Stamps have to be favoured, even with the superior Eskimo defence.
Stampeders 33 Eskimos 27

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