Saturday, September 26, 2015

When Was the Last Time a CFL Team Won with 49 Passing Yards?

Lost in the Edmonton at Hamilton game last week amid the season ending injury to Tiger-Cat starting quarterback Zach Collaros, was the number of passing yards that Edmonton had in their 25 to 18 victory.

Mike Reilly passed for just 49 yards in the game, with seven receptions from 22 attempted passes, including an interception. That was the entire passing output of the Eskimos that day in quite good conditions. What I'm wondering, when was the last time that a team passed for 49 yards or less and was actually victorious in the CFL? I actually have no idea and don't really have time to go and look, but it seems to me it could be some years, although there's probably some bad weather game in there somewhere that could be worse.

I did have time to look for 2015 and so far, the second least number of passing yards for a winning team was 127, for BC's 27 to 24 victory over Saskatchewan on Friday July 27th in week four. That is a low number of yards, but still considerably higher than 49 yards.

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