Friday, October 23, 2015

2015 CFL Prediction Week 18

Montreal at Toronto
The Alouettes really need to win this game if they're going to make the playoffs. Kevin Glenn at least has had more practice. Toronto really needs to win this game if they want to win first in the CFL East. This is another pseudo-home game for Toronto in Hamilton. Harris is just better than Glenn at this point, even with a lot of practice.
Argonauts 30 Alouettes 22

Hamilton at BC
Rookie quarterbacks going against each other in BC. Hamilton has the better overall team, although winning a night game in Vancouver is always tough for Eastern teams. Still I think the Ticats take it.
Ticats 35 Lions 33

Ottawa at Winnipeg
Winnipeg really needs to win this game. Ottawa needs it if they want a home playoff game. Winnipeg is at home, although that hasn't seemed to help much this year. Ottawa's superior receivers win.
REDBLACKS 23 Blue Bombers 20

Edmonton at Saskatchewan
Only the Eskimos have something to play for. So there will be some unhappy Green Rider fans.
Eskimos 35 Roughriders 20

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