Thursday, August 17, 2017

2017 CFL Predicitions Week 9

Edmonton at Winnipeg
Edmonton is still hurt and the Bombers are at home. I'm sure the Bombers will find a way to screw this up, but I'll go with them anyways.
Blue Bombers 26 Eskimos 19

Ottawa at Hamilton
Crap versus crap although in Hamilton's case supercrap. This is a chance for the Ticats to win, but they are having a lot of ratio problems due to injuries on the defensive line. So Ottawa it is I guess.
REDBLACKS 28 Tiger-Cats 14

Calgary at BC
The Lions didn't look good last week against the Riders.
Stampeders 33 Lions 20

Montreal at Toronto
Alouettes. I guess.
Alouettes 29 Argonauts 11

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