Thursday, August 10, 2017

2017 CFL Predictions Week 8

Edmonton at REDBLACKS
Sure the Eskimos are undefeated, but they are still pretty injured and the REDBLACKS are are home. Ottawa isn't that bad a team so the West will lose to the East. Maybe.
REDBLACKS 29 Eskimos 26

Toronto at Montreal
A Eastern conference marquee matchup! Ugh. Probably no Ricky Ray and the Alouettes are at home. Tabernac!
Alouettes 24 Argonauts 22

Winnipeg at Hamilton
Can Hamilton win a game? Can they win a game at home? Can they beat a Western team? If this were not at home I would say no, but why not. The Cats aren't bad enough to go winless. A lot of losses sure, but not winless.
Tiger-Cats 28 Blue Bombers 25

BC at Saskatchewan
BC is the better team including last week in Vancouver. The Riders are home and traditionally in the CFL it is hard for teams to win back to back games. So maybe the Riders get lucky.
Roughriders 33 Lions 25

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