Sunday, April 19, 2009

Power Rankings, 1st Edition 2009, Part 2

In some ways, ranking the bottom four teams is harder than the top four. There's just a lot crap and uncertainty down there. That said, I'll give it an attempt.

5. Saskatchewan
I was tempted to rate the Riders below 5, but the mediocrity of the other teams was just too much. I don't really like their QBs (despite Durrant shredding the Cats last year at Ivor Wynne) that much. They have decent Canadian talent and I generally like their receivers. Probably their defence sets them apart from the other three teams here. The Riders will end up last in the West.

6. Toronto Basically this was a tossup with Hamilton, however trying to be not too biased, I think you can't predict Hamilton above 7th, so the Argos have to slot in somewhere. Their American coaching experiment could work like the Alouettes last or explode. I'm betting on explode. The Argos offensive line should improve with the addition of Rob Murphy this year and if the Argos can actually formulate a game plan that is geared towards Kerry Joseph, they should score some points. I expect the Argos defence, with Moreno, to be decent but not great. Hamilton could well end up better than the Argos this year, but I think the main thing for me is how often the Cats go into a season looking like they should improve but don't.

7. Hamilton
Hamilton was actually fairly close to not being the worse team in the league last year. I think the Cats will improve on their win total to six or seven games, which while better than the past couple of years, is still poor. I expect the Cat defence to improve under new defensive coordinator Greg Marshall, however I think they still don't have the talent there. On offence a lot depends on what Porter does this year. Glenn provides a decent stopgap against total suck if Porter regresses. If everything went perfect the Cats could be a ten win team, but honestly, what are the odds of that. Going five and four at home should be a goal.

8. Winnipeg
The new coach and GM has blown up the team and anything connected with the old regime. I can't think it will go well, but they will probably be better at the end of the season. I can't even remember who is supposed to be the starting quarterback off the top of my head. Some guy who came from Edmonton? That's not good.

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