Wednesday, September 15, 2010

CFL Power Rankings, Week 11

1. Calgary
Not really much to be said. Head and shoulders above everyone else.
2. Montreal
Apparently the Alouettes can win convincingly without Anthony Calvillo. Who knew?
3. Saskatchewan
Sure they sucked in the Banjo bowl on the weekend, but they are still a decent team.
4. Toronto
Signing non-import defensive end and 2009 sack king Rickey Foley is enough to juice the Argos into fourth even starting Cleo "the Party" Lemon.
Losing lamely against a Montreal team with Calvillo. Exceptionally feeble offense. They better right the boat soon.
6. BC
Convincing win against Toronto at home, but Casey Printers can still suffer a small injury that keeps him out of the game at any time.
7. Winnipeg
Three wins! The crossover dream lives on.
8. Edmonton
Still sucking. Hopefully Eric Tillman can help the Eskimos, but I recommend avoiding him when he mixes medications.

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M@ said...

I liked how you celebrated Hamilton's crashing back down to earth by not deigning to even put their name on the list. After Saturday, it's what they deserve.