Monday, September 27, 2010

Ticats Lose to the Riders, 32 to 25

It is always annoying when the Cats lose at home to the Riders because you're inevitably surrounded by a shitload of Riders when you sit on the North side of the stadium.

Obviously the Cats started out hot, going up 15 to 0, so credit to the Riders for not folding.
where a lot of teams would have. For me the TSN turning point was probably giving up the TD to Saskatchewan just before the half. Or either of Cobb's fumbles deep in Rider territory.

What should the Cats do about Cobb anyways? Fumbles are inevitable and the Riders practically tried to strip every time, sometimes to their detriment, but still two critical fumbles in one game is nasty.

Bruce at least went over 1000 yards (1037) and could break the Ticats single season receiving record of 1656 yards set by Tony Champion way back in 1989. Stala has over 753 yards and has a pretty good shot of getting to the 1000 yard mark. I assume the last non-import to do that for the Cats was Mike Morreale, but I haven't checked it. Not sure what the all time mark for non-imports is either.

Kind of surprised the Cats only got 23 thousand and change against the Riders. Relatively poor weather? Up against SuperCrawl? Night game? Cheap Hamiltonians?

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