Thursday, September 2, 2010

CFL Power Rankings, Week 9

1. Calgary
Gave up a lot of points to BC last week, but scored even more. Powerful offense with Ken-Yon Rambo back at receiver.

2. Saskatchewan
Sure they lost to Edmonton in rather inept fashion at the end, but they still have a healthy starting quarterback.

3. Montreal
Can't really give them much higher while Anthony Calvillo is still injured. Still have a decent shot to win against BC at home this week.

4. Hamilton
Hot, three game win streak and a relatively healthy club.

5. Toronto
Good on special teams and defense, good running, no passing.

6. Edmonton
One game win streak, which is a lot for the lower ranked teams.

7. Winnipeg
Needs to win a third game. Still doubtful they will win more games than Mike Kelly as coach last year.

8. BC
Simply smelly. Buono gives up the coaching duties sometime before the next season. Unfortunately his GM skills put together this POS team. Numerous Hamilton coaches have been canned mid-year for slightly better teams.

From the latest Ticat season ticket email missive, there's apparently a new mobile service for ordering food and soft drinks called StadiumVIP. Order with a Blackberry or iPhone app (no Android love?) and they text you when your stuff is ready for pickup. Sadly no beer or whiskey though. The Cats under Bob Young are certainly technologically advanced customer service wise, but I'm still waiting for a Ticat iPhone app like the Riders app. Seems a natural thing for MRX to do.

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