Sunday, October 21, 2012

Cats Find Way to Lose, Pooch Shot at Some Playoff Control

On business in Europe, so I only listened to the first half. Depressing that the Cats had definite opportunities to get way ahead and then screw it up (i.e. Burris' interception going back for a Calgary TD when the Cats were in the red zone). Then apparently the Cats don't give up and almost win at the end after a successful onside kick, but botch the field goal. Crazy. I suppose considering how the offensive line was a jury-rig due to injury that's not bad, but the Cats need wins.

With Toronto losing that makes a possibility still of the Cats making the playoffs via Toronto, and also via Edmonton if they lose their last two games and the Cats win their remaining two (unlikely). Winnipeg also won, tying the Cats with five wins and throwing themselves in the mix.

If the Cats win next week and the Argos lose, that sets up a scenario where the winner of that game might be in the playoffs. The Argos for sure, but for the Cats it is more complicated, since they and the Argos would have tied in wins against each other, but then the tie breaker goes to points against each other. Hamilton won the first game 36 to 27, the Argos the next two 33 to 30 and 45 to 31. So from my calculations the Cats would have to win by 8. If the Bombers also win their next two it would be chaos, and their's always the possibility Edmonton could lose their last two.

The fact the Cats could get a home game at this stage of the year and this stage of their sucking is insane.

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