Monday, October 22, 2012

CFL Power Rankings 2012 Week 17

I missed last week's power rankings, mainly because the Cats were depressing me. Then they went and lost a heartbreaker on the weekend, despite Calgary committing seven turnovers. It's hard out here for a pimp and it's hard out here for a Ticat fan.

1. BC Lions
No Travis Lulay, no problem, even if their opponent, the Edmonton Eskimos is playing for their playoff lives. Barring a plane crash, it is pretty hard for the Lions to drop out of the top spot, no matter what happens the rest of the regular season.

2. Montreal Alouettes
Anthony Calvillo still getting it done versus a formerly hot Riders team. In the land of the castrated, the one balled man is king. In a CFL year of mediocre teams, the Alouettes are at least good for second best in the CFL.

3. Calgary Stampeders
Despite the aforementioned seven turnovers against the Ticats and basically about to lose until a field goal was muffed with no time remaining, the Stamps still got the W and that's what counts in this league. And pretty much all leagues for that matter.

4. Saskatchewan Roughriders
Sure they lost against the Alouettes, but they had been hot and they are guaranteed a playoff spot. Again in a league of mediocre teams, that's good enough for top half of the power rankings.

5. Edmonton Eskimos
They could have guaranteed a playoff spot, but unfortunately they lost to the best team in the league. Going with Kerry Joseph as your starter is plenty problematic, but what are you going to do at this stage of the season. Winning a game gets them in as the cross-over team, so they should at least try in the last two regular season games.

6. Winnipeg Blue Bombers
Buck is back and the Bombers are hot and on the trail of a playoff spot. Didn't seem likely a few weeks ago, but that's the CFL for you. Mind you they only beat the Argos last week, which isn't say a lot right now and their road to the playoffs is somewhat unlikely. What's important is that there is still hope.

7. Hamilton Tiger-Cats
Sure they've lost a lot in a row and by losing last week gave up control of their own destiny. Still they lost only by a botched field goal on the road against Calgary so that's something. I suppose.

8. Toronto Argonauts
The Argos are close to a playoff spot, and would guarantee it with a win in either of their last two games, or some sucking by some other bad teams. But even with Ray back, the Argos are not a good team. I'm not sure they deserve dead last,  but somebody had to this week.

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