Wednesday, October 31, 2012

CFL Power Rankings 2012 Week 18

1. BC Lions
Sure they got spanked against Calgary last week, but they were Lulayless and with nothing to play for. Still the backup quarterback Reilly went 19 for 26 for 260 yards with two TDs and no picks. So even the Lion backup isn't bad (at least when leading a good team). The Lions will probably not do a lot this week either.

2. Calgary Stampeders
Maybe not the consensus number two in the CFL, but beating BC handily shows something. Even Drew Tate returned and played a bit. I still like Cornish as a player and Nik Lewis doesn't hurt either. Probably all they have to play for this week is Cornish going for the Canadian rushing crown all-time plus Kevin Glenn and Drew Tate deciding who is going to play in the playoffs. That's at least something for Hamilton.

3. Montreal Alouettes
Managed to beat Edmonton even though they didn't really have anything to play for, which is a positive thing. Calvillo didn't look bad and spread the ball around to the various Alouette receivers. It was the Eskimos though, who are still a bad team even if they have something to play for.

4. Toronto Argonauts
Ricky Ray is back! And passing for four TDs! Kackert isn't injured anymore which is a plus too and Chad Owens has a ton of yards this year. No Ricky Ray at quarterback this week, so don't expect the Argos to do much unless Jarious Jackson wakes up and suddenly becomes a good quarterback.

5. Saskatchewan Rough Riders
The Riders are swooning a bit, but they're at least guaranteed a playoff spot. The Riders aren't as bad as I thought they would be this year, but they aren't great either. Keep waiting for Cup number four Rider Nation.

6. Hamilton Tiger-Cats
Cats win! Cats win! Still may not make the playoffs. The Cats defence looked good, but then again Buck Pierce only played briefly and without him the Bombers are a poor team. The Cats had to win to have any chance at a playoff spot, but this term is still poor.

7. Edmonton Eskimos
Had a chance to lock up the cross-over playoff spot and didn't. Keep running out Kerry Joseph as quarterback. May well win next week against Calgary, but this isn't a good team.

8. Winnipeg Blue Bombers
Not a good team anyways, but worse without Buck "Glassman" Pierce. Considering the Bombers made the Grey Cup last year, this is a sad result, but also a regression to the mean when compared to two years ago.

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