Thursday, November 29, 2012

Casey Creehan Adios!

Much derided Ticat defensive co-ordinator has decamped to more mosquito infested climes in Winnipeg. Double bonus for the Cats, the new co-ordinator can't help but be better and Winnipeg's defence can't help but get worse.

Thinking about the past season and defensive strategies, I'm now wondering why the Cats didn't go really aggressive and blitz heavy. The Cats were the highest scoring team in the league and sure they might get burnt fairly often for a TD, but they had the capacity to score enough to keep up, plus any times they were successful and got to the quarterback, good field position was likely to result which the Cats offense was well-suited to take advantage of. Sure we didn't have the defensive line to totally pull this off, but such an approach had to be better than the mediocrity we endured this season.

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