Sunday, November 11, 2012

CFL Playoff Previews Division Semi-Final 2012

Edmonton at Toronto
Cross-over time. Edmonton has already booted Eric Tillman as general manager which is a little weird and also shows upper management doesn't really expect the Eskimos to go very far.

Edmonton sucked down the stretch, but managed to get in to the playoffs anyways, while the Argos at least managed to win their last two games including against a desperate Hamilton team. The Argos have Ricky Ray as their quarterback while the Eskimos go with the superannuated Kerry Joseph. Most interesting is that the Eskimos J.C. Sherritt, who had broken the regular season CFL record for tackles in the regular season (formerly held by Ticat Calvin Tiggle) won't be playing. I didn't really like the Esks chances and now I really don't.

Toronto is favoured by four points, which I think is a little charitable.

Team Suck 29 Eskimos 17

Saskatchewan at Calgary
The big story is the Stamps starting Drew Tate over Kevin "Rodney Dangerfield" Glenn, which seems like a bit of hubris. Also goes against the Brian Mulrooney doctrine of dancing with the one that brought you. Or was the Mulrooney doctrine accepting suitcases of money from people named Karl-Heinz. I digress.

The Stamps do have running back Jon Cornish and his record of rushing yards ever by a Canadian, which certainly helped Glenn. Also receiver and blocker downfield Nik Lewis which doesn't hurt.

Probably a lot depends on how Rider quarterback Darian Durant plays. He's been up and down this year so who knows who shows up.

No doubt the Riders will have a lot of fans at McMahon, which blunts the home field advantage, but I still like the Stamps, despite the Tate hubris. I assume Tate will be on a short leash and there will be a lot of Cornish running. Stamps favoured by six, but I think it will be closer.
Stamps 33, Riders 29

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