Wednesday, November 21, 2012

What's the Guelph Equivalent of the Prince Edward Tavern?

I wasn't totally surprised by the Guelph announcement as the 2013 home of the Ticats, although I was thinking it was going to be London. There was some politician before the decision who seemed keen and Guelph is closer than London, although the caravan going up highway  6 won't.

I was surprised that there wasn't more interest for a Moncton game, but it could still happen. I think it would be good for the league, however the team might want to get as much value as possible out of spending for bleachers and such.

I think this is also good for Guelph and the university. If you're not living in Southern Ontario, you may not have heard of Guelph (I've met Westerners whose lack of knowledge of Southern Ontario geography surprised me), but having it on TSN every couple of weeks is great publicity.

Finally what is the Guelph equivalent of the Prince Eddie? If there is one, I'm guessing it isn't by the university.

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M@ said...

Two suggestions for Guelph's Prince Edward:

1. The Manor strip club

2. The Armories junior ranks mess