Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Chris Williams' Contract Ruled Valid By Arbitrator

Just saw on the Ticats Twitter feed that an independent arbitrator has ruled that Chris Williams present Ticat contract is valid. So first off, Williams won't be going to an NFL camp this year.

Williams hasn't reported to camp yet, so what happens next will be interesting. Williams doesn't have much choice but to play for the Cats this year if he wants to play in the CFL this year. I'm doubting the Cats would trade him and would prefer to just have him remain on the suspended list rather than have him come back and bite them in the ass later in the season.

Williams isn't getting paid much at all this year, so he may have already calculated that he would just sit out this year and try for an NFL camp the following year or another CFL team. I suppose Williams could now report to camp, but it seems unlikely.

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