Friday, June 14, 2013

Thoughts on Last Night's Pre-Season Win Against Montreal 2013

TSN didn't show the game last night (and why TSN is only showing two games, both with Edmonton seems weird) so I can only look at the recaps. At least backup quarterback Dan Lefevour looked good. As I recall he did well when he was in last year during the pre-season. With Quinton Porter gone to Montreal, if anything happens to Burris then the Cats need somebody. Pre-season is different than regular season however.

From what I've read the defence looked good, but again that was against quarterbacks who aren't Anthony Calvillo. The Ticat defence was bad enough last year and there's a lot of changes this year, especially in the secondary. The one benefit is that there's a lot of import defensive backs out there so it isn't inconceivable the Cats secondary could regress towards the mean, but in a good way (i.e. less sucky). I've never done the stats, but my guess is that the CFL has less correlation between seasons for teams than other sports so there's always some hope.

Impressive also that Lindsay Lamar scored a TD off a punt return. Without Chris Williams, the Cats might be in trouble on special teams, so any indication of a spark is welcome.

I'll be going to the game next week in Guelph, so I'll be able to do a more in depth report, both on the stadium and the last pre-season game. There should be a lot of Burris in that one and more indication on who starts on defence.

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