Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Only 1,500 tickets Left for Ticats Season Opener Against Edmonton

Just saw a tweet from Scott Mitchell that there's only 1,500 seats left for the season opener against Edmonton. I would have to assume that with over a week to go they will be easily sold. I haven't seen any season ticket numbers for the season, so I'm not sure how many singles remain for each game. Considering the small size of the stadium, sellouts aren't going to be that hard. Games with demand like Saskatchewan and Toronto should be even easier.

I'm curious to see the price of beer in Guelph. Last year I believe it was $8.75 for a tall boy or was it $9? It was $8.75 in 2011 I know for sure and $8.50 in 2010. I will know tomorrow and report back.

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