Friday, November 8, 2013

2013 CFL Television Ratings Up 4.3 %

Chris Zelkowich's Yahoo blog has a rundown on the television increases for this CFL this year. Argos games were up 26% while the Ticats were up 14%. The Argos had a better regular season record than last year and are probably coming off a bump from winning the Grey Cup last year (no one knew the Argos would win it during the regular season last year).

The Cats regular season record went from 6 and 10 to 10 and 8 this year which is probably the main reason for the increase. The Cats were out of if relatively early this year. The Cats increase is more impressive as there was no Labour Day game to juice the rankings.

For the Argos and Cats to go up, likely the Eskimos and Bombers went down as they were out of it relatively early this year.

I wouldn't mind seeing a ranking or better yet the actual numbers for the different teams.

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