Wednesday, November 6, 2013

What is Up with Greg Ellingson?

Will Ticat receiver Greg Ellingson play in the Eastern semi-final against Montreal? Since becoming injured, Ellingson hasn't played since week 12, Friday September 13th in an away lost to Calgary.

Ellingson has 50 catches for 800 yards on the season and if he was uninjured and continued at his pace would have been a lock for rookie of the year in the CFL. The strange thing is, the nature and severity of his injury has been under reported, at least in my opinion. Ellingson has missed seven games. If this were Saskatchewan, there would be countless articles on his progress or lack thereof.
I did go through his tweets from @gelliman82, but there wasn't a lot of information there about his injury.

Even if he does come back, missing seven games will mean some rust and likely some problems fitting in again into the Ticat offense against a great Montreal defence. I wouldn't bet on him coming back though. To be out this long, there has to be a serious injury.

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