Tuesday, November 26, 2013

TSN Loses NHL to Rogers Sportsnet, CFL Implications?

With news that TSN has lost a bidding war for NHL rights to Rogers (and the CBC), what's the implications for the CFL?

Probably good in some sense, as TSN will have even more incentive to pump the league. The league could boost the number of pre-season games from the two they showed in 2013 (i.e. it would be smart to show both Rough Rider games). The CFL season only overlaps partially with the NHL season, which is problematic for TSN.

TSN could try increasing other sports instead like basketball and MLS to fill the gap left by the NHL, but historically their ratings have been terrible compared to the NHL and CFL. One of the main strengths of both the NHL and the CFL is that both have a large number of Canadian teams, meaning obviously there's a lot of games featuring two Canadian teams that boosts ratings. Canadians often don't care about games in any league that feature two American teams.

One thing that might be good for the CFL is that TSN could be interested in having a tenth team, both for the additional games and for balancing the schedule. Quebec City, Halifax and Moncton should get down to business.

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