Friday, January 31, 2014

Bad Weather, Is Tim Horton's Field Even Farther Behind

In a post on January 22, I reacted to the news that the new Ticats stadium is behind schedule, for various reasons, including the weather and a bankrupt contractor.

It is now the 30th of January and the weather since the 22 has been really, really cold in Hamilton, probably the worst case scenario for stadium construction. No days of thaw have occurred in that time period either so the site is going to be snow and ice encrusted.

If February ends up being colder than normal, the stadium project could be really behind. In theory construction could be sped up with more workers, but with five months until July first, we are coming to crunch time. Missing the first few weeks of July can be accommodated by the schedule, two months becomes a major problem. Expect a delayed schedule this year as well.

Probably a media update will arrive some time in February.

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