Saturday, June 14, 2014

Ticats First Pre-Season Game Depth Chart

Another Ticat season starts with today's pre-season game against Montreal. As per usual, I'll go over the starting lineup. Since it is the first pre-season game, it probably isn't that important.

The offensive line has some differences and and some stuff the same as last year. Again the tackles are imports, with Figueroa as the left tackle and Simmons as right tackle, both having played last year. In the middle, Filer is listed at centre with Myddelton at left guard and O'Neil back at right guard (he played centre sometimes too). Obviously no Dyakowski due to injury. I'm wondering if he comes back at all this year.

Collaros is listed as the starting quarterback and LeFevour as the backup. Considering Collaros is still young and has never played for the Ticats, he probably plays more this game than say Burris would have last year.

Starting wide receivers are Koch and Banks. Was never a particular fan of Koch when he didn't play for the Ticats, but maybe he'll prove me wrong. Grant, Tasker and Fantuz are listed as slotbacks with Fantuz the only non-import. All three will be in without a fullback (which is a lot) I assume. Prime is the listed starting fullback. Medlock is back with the Cats and is listed as the starting kicker and punter. Certainly with Medlock, the Cats have opportunities for longer field goals they didn't have last year. Gable is the starting running back.

On the defensive line, Norwood and Boudreaux are both imports, however in the interior the Cats are indeed going with two non-imports as starters (for this game at least) with the returning Bulcke and the recently signed Laurent. That's quite unusual for the CFL, however with two starting you can get away with one decent Canadian backup who can spell off both.

For linebackers, on the outside it is the re-signed Lawrence and Morley, both imports and the returning non-import Plesisus gets the start in the middle. I'm a bit skeptical that that will happen for regular season games, but who knows.

In the secondary, Breaux and Davis both imports start at corner. Stewart and McCollough are the starting half-backs and the newly signed Butler, a non-import starts at safety. That's four defensive Canadian starters, which is a lot by Canadian standards. The Ticats don't lack for Canadian talent on both sides of the ball this year, although that's before injuries. Their Canadian depth seems to be enough that even if they loss a Canadian starter, starting seven won't be a problem.


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