Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Tim Horton's Field Supposedly Read for Play for Home Opener, Not Finished Until October.

So we finally have some clarity on Tim Horton's Field thanks to a presentation at City Hall yesterday. It pretty much confirmed mine and others' suspicions in that the stadium construction is way behind.

At least they admitted that it won't be finished until October (after the Labour Day game). So port a potties for washrooms and food trucks on the outside. So the same as Guelph last year.

It seems the suites may be finished for the first game, which surprised me somewhat as I thought they might be thrown under the bus in order to get the regular seating in the stands in order. I assume the endzone seating areas won't be ready.

Clearly this can't be good for ticket sales which is too bad for the Ticats.

Since we are in the period of the year with torrential downpours a regular occurrence, that's something to be away of. If the next 30 day is particularly rainy that will cause additional problems.

Anyways we know more now, although not the whole story.

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