Sunday, June 1, 2014

Tiger-Cats' Peter Dyakowski Now On Nine Game Injury List

Just heard that non-import guard Peter Dyakowski has been put on the nine game injured list. Checked the Ticats roster and Peter is indeed on it, and the only one on it currently.

Dyakowski suffered a serious looking leg injury during the Grey Cup game against the Riders last year and I'm not that surprised he is still injured this year. The nine game injury list is different than the regular list because for the games the player is on the list, the player's salary doesn't count against the salary cap.

Who will replace Dyakowski at guard? I'm not sure at this point and considering training camp has just started the team probably isn't 100% sure either. The Cats no longer have centre Marwan Hage on the offensive line either this year (although he was injured for parts of 2013).

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