Thursday, October 30, 2014

Ticats Owner Bob Young Fined $10K For Criticizing CFL Officiating

The Scratching Post is reporting that the league has fined Bob Young ten large for criticizing a particular offside call in last week's Hamilton Toronto game at Dead Ted's Dome:

At issue is a fourth quarter offside call against the Ticats which gave Toronto a second chance after Hamilton stopped them on third-and-short near the Ticat goal line. But Hamilton was flagged for offside and the Argos used their second chance to score the winning points in a 26-24 victory.

“The biggest 'controversy' is not so much the call itself, but is the Toronto GM coaching the sideline judge during the play. The result was the official called a very marginal penalty,” Young wrote. “At the very least there should have been two penalties. The other for objectionable conduct to Toronto for their GM's blatant and successful attempt to influence an official on the field.”

I remember some calls against the Cats in that quarter, but I'm not sure exactly which one this referred to. I do remember Plesius being called for offside, but I'm thought that one wasn't on third down. Certainly was an important call in determining how the game turned out. Also pretty weird that Barker was down there right on the sideline.

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