Thursday, May 6, 2010

Ticats Say No to West Harbour

Blogging has been a bit light since I have been in Germany for a few weeks of work. However the Cats coming out against the West Harbour site today was enough to get me out of my slumber. The Cats should just come out and say they want Confederation Park. Their Aldershot option, is frankly ridiculous, with their being no way Hamilton will contribute to a stadium in that direction, even if it is in Waterdown. The Chedoke Park option seems even more ludicrous. Is it going where the golf club is, or where the CP yards are?

Putting it out by Confederation Park doesn't seem likely to happen either. With the city kicking in a ton of money from the future fund, putting a stadium out by the QEW convenient to only a small section of Stoney Creek over citizen concerns won't happen. Seemingly the Cats want to play commercial developer and incorporate stores into the stadium.

I think the Cats should consider a bit how a healthier Hamilton (through an improved waterfront area) helps the Cats too.

Anyways, I was planning to try and get a bunch of people to go to the opener and Labour Day. With this stunt, this year I won't bother. Sometimes it is hard being both a Hamilton and Ticat booster.

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