Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Yet More Ticats Harbour Stuff

Well I speculated a few days ago that maybe LuLu not going public was an issue for Bob Young. Now here's a story from Spec restaurant critic John Kernaghan basically saying the same thing.
Obviously a LuLu IPO would have freed up a chunk of cash for Young, although would depend on exactly how it was done. It would certainly make Bob's LuLu share more liquid.

In other stadium news, Bob Young wants a facilitator for the stadium issue. My solution, the city gives Young parking revenue for Ticat game day (and possibly USL game days), with parking being the parking at the stadium, whatever you can squeeze into Bayfront Park's parking lot and the new parking garage at the West Harbour redevelopment. Throw in some future rights to other redevelopment at the site, plus naming revenue, plus maybe whatever else the city can come up with that doesn't really cost them anything and everyone goes away happy. That's what I'm hoping.

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