Thursday, May 6, 2010

Lumsden, Argos?

I had meant to post about former Ticat and Marauder Jesse Lumsden being released by Edmonton, but did not get around to it. Certainly sad for an at times great player. In the National Post Toronto GM Adam Rita discussed the possibility of signing Lumsden if healthy. A signing is certainly possible and the Argos seem the logical candidate without a de facto import starting running back, however the biggest risk with signing Lumsden is if he gets injured in the first game like last year and misses the entire season. That salary doesn't count against the salary cap if he goes on the nine game injury list, but it does count against the bottom line and CFL teams (apart from the Riders) can't waste money like that.

My prediction is that Lumsden gets signed part way through the season, rather than go to a training camp. He can't be an every down player any more, but he wouldn't be bad platooning and he is still good coming out from the back field as a receiver.

Also in the Post, a mention of Bob Young's opposition to the West Harbour site.

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