Wednesday, January 26, 2011

CFL Schedule Out Next Week?

There's an article in the Globe about when exactly BC Place will reopen and allow the Lions play again. The Grey Cup will be there this year, but regular season Lions games beyond a couple at the end seem in doubt.

However, was is interesting is that the article mentions the 2011 CFL schedule could be out next week. The big question for Hamilton is who has the home game this year in Moncton? My guess is still Toronto, because let's face it, they will probably still be weak this year ticket-wise and Hamilton could really use a Moncton game during the seasons that Ivor Wynne is rebuilt (assuming that happens). Having a Moncton game during a non-rebuild year would probably be a good thing for profits. The Cats get rid of their weakest draw of the year (BC?) and cram their group sales into the other eight home games (or more likely seven, because the Labour Day game has few group sales). Merchandise sales might be lost, although maybe the league compensates them as part of the overall package.

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