Sunday, January 23, 2011

Ivor Wynne Funding Gap?

The National Post has an article that there is an a funding gap for Ivor Wynne: "The plan to build a new facility where Ivor Wynne Stadium is currently located will cost between $156.5-million to $174.5-million, according to a report by Hamilton city staff. The report indicates the project is facing a funding gap of between $36.5-million to $54.5-million."

This is a bit mystifying to be. Other sites requiring extra money wasn't a surprise, however Ivor Wynne doesn't need any new infrastructure. The roads, sewers, public transit etc. are already in place. Also with regards to the stadium itself, it seems that only cosmetic improvements will be made to the North side stands, so what's new is the 15,000 seat South side part, which isn't a lot of seats and why the costs would be so high for this when other jurisdictions have built 15,000 to 20,000 seat stadiums for reasonable costs is strange. I haven't seen the report, but it seems like interesting reading. Perhaps there was no possible way a stadium can be built for a reasonable amount of money. Also if it costs so much for Ivor Wynne, how much extra would it have cost at the West Harbour.

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