Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ticats Staying at Ivor Wynne

As a fan who has always liked Ivor Wynne, I'm pretty pumped about the announcement to rebuild the stadium, especially the fact I can still go to the Prince Edward Tavern before or after games. The possibility of hosting a Grey Cup again in Hamilton is also exciting.

There's a lot of questions. I'm hoping that some stores or other commercial activity is included. Ward 3 can use the commercial activity and more choices for shopping. More parking spaces are certainly needed, but I wouldn't want to see a sea of them. Will Bob Young still bother with a soccer franchise?

Hopefully Hostco can be placated to release funding, but considering the organization ultimately answers to their provincial and federal masters I don't see this as a big problem.

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M@ said...

I'm seeing this as a 20-year lease on my patronage of the Prince Edward, myself. Really, this is the best of all possible worlds for me. For all the disadvantages of Ivor Wynne, at least they're a known quantity.

I wonder if Eisenberger is feeling like a total tit now, though...