Monday, January 24, 2011

More Ticats Stadium Stuff, Harper Cash?

Here's a National Post article from Mark Masters about today's council meeting. Certainly a lot of coverage on this issue from Masters of late, although if you're the CFL guy for the Post there's not a lot to do in January is there? West Harbour looks totally dead and Infrastructure Ontario overbudgets everything. An agency named Infrastructure Ontario doesn't leave me with a lot of confidence.

Weirdly convenient timing on a Globe and Mail article about the federal Conservatives having an extra billion lying around for funding stadiums. What's that, Hamilton has a stadium that needs funding? Hamilton has seats in play in the next federal election (and provincially too). Personally if Regina and Quebec got money and Hamilton didn't, I'd be up in arms, but if Hamilton gets a share then I'm quite willing to toss out my libertarian principles.

I'm actually getting tired of having to make so many posts in January. It just isn't right. There should be a smattering of weak posts, including my yearly one demanding that TSN broadcasts a preseason game (although I heard a rumour that a Rider one might actually got broadcast, so maybe my griping has paid off). Hopefully next year goes back to normal.

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