Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Diversity Required for Ivor Wynne Stadium Bidders

Considering how hard it has been to come together on a reasonably priced option for a Pan Am stadium, the news that the stadium will require bidders to have a diversity policy is concerning. For smaller projects, I have less problems with such requirements, however for something as large and possibly prone to cost overruns as a stadium it seems like something designed to drive up costs. I'm sure any competent large bidder will be able to do what it takes to comply, but there will be a needless cost of some provincial staff in Toronto to administer this.

The city wanted to administer the project itself, but the province said no and put it under Infrastructure Ontario, which while I haven't checked, I'm pretty sure is located in Toronto. Personally since this is a Hamilton project, I would prefer as much be spent in Hamilton as possible and as little as possible on fatcat provincial staffers located in Toronto.

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