Friday, March 11, 2011

TSN Finally Going to Broadcast CFL Pre-Season Games?

Tigercatatonia has long had a fascination with the fact TSN does not broadcast any CFL pre-season games. They've got the rights for them I assume, so why not slap a couple of Riders games on, get more work out of Dave Randorf and the rest of the TSN panel, some early publicity for the season and profit from the crazed Rider fan viewers. The forums have had talk that TSN has decided to show 7 of them on TSN and TSN2, but here's a newspaper article mentioning the plan, plus some info on Wally Buono sitting in his office forlornly waiting for calls that never come. Will it happen? Hopefully, although it is bad news for Cable 14 and the rest of Canada's community cable stations.

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