Sunday, March 6, 2011

Ticats 2010 Playoff Game Starters, Where are they now, Offensive Edition

CFL teams have a lot of turnover year to year, which is just a fact of a sometimes brutal, unsentimental sport. Over the off-season, players get released, become free agents, get traded, and retire. For curiosity, I thought it would be worth going over the starters from last year's playoff game, which as unfortunately we all know ended up a home loss against the double blue and Cleo "the Party" Lemon. I'll go through the offensive side in this post and the defensive side in another.

Of the offensive tackle starters, import Jason Jimenez is still around, but non-import Alex Gauthier was released and was picked up by the Riders for a decent amount of money. Offensive guards Rottier and Dyakowski, both non-imports are still part of the team, as is centre and non-import Marwan Hage.

Starting wide receivers Maurice Mann and Arland Bruce, third edition, both imports are still on the roster. Starting slotbacks Dave Stala, non-import and Marquay McDaniel, import are still around but there's rumblings that McDaniel could be moved. Maybe he should have gotten 1,000 yards receiving last year.

Of the three quarterbacks, Glenn is obviously still around, as are backups Porter and Trafalis. Porter has signed a contract extension with the Ticats, which would make you think he'll stick around this year. Glenn's career has been mostly durable, although he seems to have a habit of getting injured in playoff games, so Porter is pretty necessary for insurance. Unless of course you're Matt Dunigan and have a man crush on Trafalis and think he's ready to be a bona fide number two.

Starting running back De' Andra Cobb has been released with the signing of Avon Cobourne. Fullback and non-import Steve Schmidt is currently a free agent.

Kicker Sandro DeAngelis, non-import and punter Eric Wilbur, imports are still on the roster.

So some changes, but no wholesale dismantling either. By the time the first game of 2011 rolls around there could be more changes, but for a CFL team this is probably as continous as you're going to get.

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