Sunday, March 13, 2011

Ticats 2010 Playoff Game Starters, Where are they now, Defensive Edition

Football is probably the major North American sport with the most change between seasons, although a crap MLB team can alter their pitching roster extensively too. Looking at who started the last game of the season for a team and who's left at this time of year can be instructive. I already looked at the Cats offensive starters here. Now it is time to look at the defensive starters from the playoff game in Toronto. Who's still around, who's been released, who's retired, who's a free agent, who has an off-season DUI? All possibilities in the CFL.

Starting with the defensive line, Justin Hickman and Stevie Baggs, both imports are still around, as is import defensive tackle Demonte Bolden. Defensive tackle and Tigercatatonia favourite Garrett McIntyre? Gone and signed with the NY Jets. Mark my words, the Cats will miss him.

Of the three linebackers, Markeith "You can call me Mark or Keith" Knowlton and Jamall Johnson are still with the Cats, but Otis Floyd was released by the Cats.

Non-import cornerback Ryan Hinds is still with the Cats, but import Geoff Tisdale signed with Calgary. Defensive halfbacks Jerome Dennis and Jason Shivers, both imports are still with the Cats, as is non-import safety Dylan Barker.

So three changes out of twelve. Relatively stable, although the defensive co-ordinator Greg Marshall left for a head coaching opportunity. Will the Cats defence be better or worse in 2011? I'll go out on a major limb and say roughly the same.

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