Thursday, January 5, 2012

Best Road Drawing Teams 2011

Here's the statistics for the 2011 season for the best road drawing teams in the CFL. The number is the average fans drawn over the home team's average attendance. Big change from last year.

Edmonton was really helped by the big crowd BC had for the reopening of BC Place. That drove up the average attendance for the Lions and thus decreased the numbers for other teams at BC Place.

Montreal also did surprising well, mainly because of two big crowds in Hamilton and a big crowd in Edmonton and good crowds for two Winnipeg games.

Hamilton suffered from small crowds in Edmonton, BC and Calgary.

Winnipeg suffered from relatively weak crowds in BC, Edmonton and Calgary.

Obviously doing these statistics for the CFL should come with some big caveats. The Riders pretty much sell out every game, although Montreal didn't have sellouts this year. Hamilton played a home game in Moncton with small attendance. The biggest factor was the Lions moving mid-season back to BC Place.

I included the numbers from last year in parenthesis. Obviously a massive turnover from last year, with Edmonton going from worst to first. Hamilton went from second to last. I suppose I could average these results over two years, maybe another time. Here's last year's post, if anyone is interested.

Eskimos 2599.2 (-1558.7)
Montreal 1748.3 (-469.54)
Stampeders -165.73 (-313.75)
Riders -278.88 (3506.5)
Lions -297 (-1385.9)
Toronto -1080 (-47.296)
Winnipeg -1149.5 (-1073.9)
Hamilton -1377.5 (112.21)

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