Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Glenn Burris Trade Thoughts

Still not entirely why the Cats made the trade if they wanted Henry Burris? Why not wait until the Stamps release him and then pick him up?

Beyond that, perhaps Burris is just a one season thing, with the Cats hoping to transition to Porter and Boltus through the year.

The Cats don't have a bad set of offensive weapons going into next year besides the quarterback. Receivers Bakari Grant and Chris Williams had excellent rookie campaigns and should hopefully have good sophomore seasons. Dave Stala's performance tailed off a bit as the season went on, but he's still a good for a TD or first down when needed. I think Matt Carter should emerge next year into a serious non-import receiver with at least 500 yards receiving. The rest of the receivers I'm not that keen on, but the Cats should be able to find a decent rookie in training camp. Running back Avon Cobourne is still a talented veteran back.

Burris' running ability could open up the offence in ways that Glenn never could, including the easy run for a first down. Then again, Porter has running ability and that didn't do that much for him. We will see what happens.

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