Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Ticats 2012 Draft, Austin Pasztor? Frederic Plesisus

Do the Cats still have their first round pick in this year's draft, or did they trade it away for some magic beans? I'm not sure. I'm assuming they still do, and that with their 8 and 10 record they have the third pick overall.

Here's a list of ranked draft players on For the Cats, that would project to Virginia offensive lineman Austin Pasztor, 6'7" and 305 lbs. Apparently he's a guard and a senior so he could be available to play next year. I'm not sure if he'll draw any NFL interest (his high ranking could be influenced by the fact that he won't draw NFL interest), but perhaps by the end of next season he could take over guard Simeon Rottier's starting spot on the line. Here's an article about Pasztor with some good background info.

Ranked fourth is Frederic Plesisus, a linebacker out of Laval. Listed at 6'1" and 245 lbs., the Cats could always use good Canadian linebacking talent. Who knows whether Ray Mariuz will retire again? Probably wouldn't do much next year except special teams, but they're important too.

Or the Cats could trade it before the draft for some magic beans (some loser secondary player that gets cut before Labour Day).

No Mac players on the list, which seems a bit weird.

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