Thursday, January 5, 2012

Where's the 2012 CFL Schedule Watch

So we begin the watch for the release of the 2012 CFL schedule. Last year the CFL schedule took longer than usual, not being released until February. The Major League Baseball schedule has been released since September, so the league should know what is going on with Roger's Centre.
Looking back on some previous posts, last year's schedule came out on February 18th, but it has come out earlier in previous years.

Of prime concern to the Cats this year is whether the Argos will be back on Labour Day. Also will Moncton hold a game in 2012? If so, I doubt the Cats would play and I doubt there will be a game at all.


Anonymous said...

This has been discussed on the ticat forum a couple of weeks ago actually. Bob said no Moncton game this year as its important the team stay close to home before the transition year next year. He tweeted about it and it was on Drews blog as well.

Jorge said...

Yes I would really doubt another Moncton game would be in the cards. Still curious about the Argos on Labour Day.