Tuesday, September 10, 2013

2013 CFL Power Rankings Week 11

Finally some excitement and bigger changes in the power rankings than the past few weeks.

1. Calgary Stampeders
Managed to turn the difficult trick of winning back to back games in the CFL, something no other team did this week. The Stamps managed to do it with Bo Levi Mitchell at the helm which is impressive in the sense that the Stamps have by far the best quarterbacks overall in the CFL (even if Drew Tate has a bit of glass jaw). Cornish had another solid game this week and the Stamps showed they can get by without Nik Lewis.

2. Saskatchewan Roughriders
No one really expected the Bombers to win the Banjo Bowl. Maybe they might keep it close in the Peg, but the one win team would eventually lose to the one loss team. Surprising that the Riders would give up so many sacks, but even good teams are going to have bad games now and then. Durant had a bad day passing and Cory Sheets was just OK. The Riders are still a good team, just not invincible.

3. Hamilton Tiger-Cats
Maybe a bit of a homer pick, but the Ticats offense is humming and the defence is coming together. Perhaps more important, the Cats actually have a healthy starter at quarterback right now. The Cats have great receivers including rookie Greg Ellingson and Gable is emerging as one of the better backs in the CFL.

4. BC Lions
The Lions also have a healthy starter in Travis Lulay, although to be honest, Lulay hasn't been that great this year. He hasn't been terrible, but no one is saying his name for most outstanding player. The Lions have a decent defense, and are always tough at home. That's something.

5. Toronto Argonauts
Things were looking poor early for the Argos and backup quarterback Collaros, but they managed to storm back and win against a tough Montreal defence, without star receiver Chad Owens. The Argos have a decent roster of receivers now. Especially valuable is non-import Durie. The defence had five sacks (albeit against a backup) which never hurts. Toronto is definitely better with Ricky Ray as the quarterback, but they're still OK without him.

6. Montreal Alouettes
I really thought the Alouettes were going to beat the Argos back to back and cement their place as one of the CFL's better teams in 2013. Instead backup Tanner Marsh regressed to the mean of backup quarterback play and the Alouettes collapsed rather spectacularly. The Alouettes have a good defence, at least until the end of games, but their offense looked rather feeble, especially their running game. Things aren't looking good for Montreal the rest of the season without Calvillo.

7. Winnipeg Blue Bombers
The Bombers aren't the worst team in the CFL! I didn't think that would be case, but there you go. With Buck Pierce being traded to BC, Goltz at least has a chance to develop as the starter. The Bomber defence looked good against Saskatchewan this week which is also a good sign. The Bombers won't make the playoffs this year, but they may win some more games this year.

8. Edmonton Eskimos
I thought the Eskimos had a chance of winning this game, but couldn't get it done. Reilly is getting a lot of experience, but Edmonton's offensive line, is well, offensive. Allowing seven sacks just isn't that conducive to winning and keeping your quarterback healthy. Until the line improves, it will be difficult for the Eskimos to win.

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