Sunday, September 1, 2013

Hamilton at BC Stat Breakdown

The Cats lost a close one on Friday 29 to 26 in Vancouver. It's disappointing they didn't win, although the three hour time difference always makes it difficult for East teams.

Henry Burris statistically had a great game, going 29 for 36 with 2 TDs and one pick for 352 yards. That's an 80.6% completion percentage which is remarkable in a lowing effort. Two caveats with that performance. The yards per attempt, wasn't great at 9.8 and the yards per completion was mediocre at 12.1 yards. The Cats made a lot of short passes in that game, making them punt more than they should have. Second, Burris was sacked six times (the Cats only had one sack that counted). Sacks are worse than incompletions because of the loss of yards. Still yet another 300 yard plus passing game for Burris.

The receivers generally had a good game with few drops. Ellingson continued his strong bid for the 2013 rookie of the year award with 8 catches for 94 yards and a TD. Bakari Grant had a good game with four catches for 77 yards and a TD and Andy Fantuz was also effective with five catches for 68 yards. Onrea Jones also did well with five catches for 58 yards. Dave Stala had a single catch for 8 yards, taking over Samuel Giguere's non-import spot on the offense.

The running game wasn't much to talk about, although Gable had 45 yards on only five carries which is a good average at least.

Defensively the Cats allowed a lot of passing offense with Travis Lulay passing for 359 yards, going 26 for 36. Andrew Harris had a mediocre day rushing, getting only 39 yards on nine carries.

Linebacker Rico Murray led the Cats with 8 tackles. Boudreaux had a sack, although he should have had another one early in the game, but instead a very dubious horse collar tackle penalty was called.

Overall a good road performance, but not good enough to win. Hopefully the Cats can bounce back against the Lions in Guelph this coming week.

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