Friday, September 6, 2013

2013 CFL Predictions Week 11

Calgary at Edmonton
I'm going to go out on a limb here and call an upset. Edmonton came close to winning last week and it is difficult for teams to win back to back games. Mike Reilly is putting up some decent passing numbers  (although they're juiced from being behind a lot and abandoning the running game). Calgary is missing Nik Lewis due to his broken leg and Cornish wasn't particularly effective last week. A close one, but the Eskimos take it.
Edmonton 29 Calgary 27

BC at Hamilton
Hamilton was close on the West Coast last week, but ultimately were burned by some long bombs, plus a few key referee calls (including the weakest horse collar tackle I've seen). It's tough for teams to win back to back (which I've already mentioned). Hamilton has some injury problems (including Giguere at receiver and Boudreaux at defensive end), but the Lions are missing Solomon Elimimian as the middle linebacker. I'll pick Hamilton in Guelph.
Hamilton 33 BC 26

Toronto at Montreal
It is a back to back festival! Considering Montreal was able to win the battle of the backup quarterbacks last week, I think it makes sense to go with them at home. Plus the Montreal defence seems to be coming together. Not that the Argo defence is that bad, but they're not great.
Montreal 25 Toronto 21

Saskatchewan at Winnipeg
Worst team versus best team. While the Bombers at least didn't embarrass themselves too badly in the first half last week, I can't pick them in good conscious, even at home.
Riders 32 Bombers 24

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