Friday, October 11, 2013

2013 CFL Predictions Week 16

BC at Calgary
The Lions still don't have quarterback Travis Lulay back which is definitely a problem. DeMarco is decent, but isn't at Lulay's level yet as proved in their loss at home to the Riders last week. The Stampeders  do have their starting quarterback Kevin Glenn playing (I think at this point Drew Tate can't be considered the starter). The Stamps are at home and are coming off a win where non-import running back Jon Cornish was particularly effective. The Stamps can go a long way towards locking up home field advantage or at least a home playoff game. Expect them to win.
Stamps 28 Lions 19

Edmonton at Saskatchewan
The Riders proved that with Kory Sheets back at running back, they were capable of beating the Lions on the road after four straight losses. Edmonton proved last week they are still a bad team. Last I heard, Sheets is available this week and the Riders are at home. The Riders also picked up defensive end Alex Hall from the Bombers (who happens to lead the CFL in sacks) for a small bag of Old Dutch dill pickle flavour chips). One of those games where there's not a lot to say.
Riders 40 Eskimos 13

Winnipeg at Montreal
The Bombers have no chance at the playoffs and are basically playing out the string and trying to figure out who should be back next year, which probably includes starting quarterback Max Hall.
The Bombers won't have Alex Hall on their defense as previously mentioned, but will go with oft injured Hamilton castoff Greg Peach. Montreal will counter with Neiswander at quarterback. The Alouettes are sort of hot, winning two games straight, the Bombers not so much. The Alouettes could potentially still host a home playoff game so they'll be motivated.
Alouettes 27 Bombers 12

Toronto at Hamilton
The Argos lost in Toronto against the Cats last week after four straight road wins, some against tough opponents with backup quarterback Collaros at the helm. Starter Ricky Ray could be back this week which would be an improvement but not a massive one. Hamilton could in theory catch the Argos for first in the East, but more likely a win would solidify their chances of hosting the East semi-final. The Cats still have some injury problems, like Ellingson and Giguere amongst the receivers, but have built a reasonable team and Burris has been healthy at quarterback despite the massive number of sacks the Cats have coughed up. The Cats are at home in Guelph, and even if Ray plays, he'll probably have a little rust.
Ticats 26 Argonauts 22

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